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City of Science, cultural centre and former city of residence

Darmstadt was once a city of residence, and its charms can still be seen in several parts of the city. Today, though, it is much better known as a centre of excellence in science and research. Many of its educational institutions contribute to this strong reputation, the Technical University being one of these. With around one-fifth of its population coming from the student body, Darmstadt can also easily be called a student town. Culture and cultural promotion play an equally important role in the life of the city, offering the visitor a range of experiences. Since 2013, Darmstadt has also been a Fairtrade City.

Darmstadt enjoys a unique geographic location – near both Frankfurt and Heidelberg, it also has two areas of great natural beauty on its doorstep, the Bergstraße and the Odenwald. All considered, Darmstadt is a year-round destination.






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